Copy of I Want what I want, and I want it NOW... please!

I have learned that life has its own agenda.

Most of us have grown impatient with life. We have acquired an attitude about how we manifest things in life. I refer to this as the “on demand mindset”. What do I mean by the “on demand mindset” well its this idea that our desires have to be met immediately.

I want what I want, and we want it “right NOW… please!”

Maybe is due to the fact that now a days you decide what shows you want to watch, find it on the various media outlets and watch it instantly, there is no longer that discipline needed of having to schedule your weeknights around a t.v show line up, or Saturday morning’s cartoon. In the olden days (lol) if you missed an episode on t.v. well, you had to hear about it later and wait till re runs sometime in the near future. Today we binge watch only what we want and when we want it.

Food cravings are my favourite part of this…cause I am a foodie. We can crave something to eat and go on our phone and order it without having to leave our house and get off the couch. This is really Amazing!!!!

But things don’t stop there tho, we start a business and we want the business growth NOW, we start school and we can’t wait to have the Degree NOW, we begin dating only to find Mr. or Mrs. “right” NOW, we want the great job with the great salary NOW.

The list goes on…Its like we want our demands met as soon as we pose them. Otherwise we go somewhere else. We try something different or we feel we are not doing things the right way because its taking too long.

Have you ever felt that life is taking too long to be great? ‘when will my life start to happen?” we scream a the universe and expect to have the answer, you guessed it: NOW

Here is what I know: It takes 9 months for a baby to grow inside the womb. It takes 12 months for an anniversary to be celebrated. It takes 19 years to have your first legal drink in most provinces. The fact is everything we do takes time.

When we focus on the lack of immediate results we bring feelings of frustration, overwhelm, clutter and unhappiness to our lives. So how do we surpass this?

There are different moment in life, And we can honour each moment.

Realize that there are times when we don’t need to know everything (right this minute). There are times we don’t have to “name it” or rationalize a situation. Some times we need to trust that life is happening as it should and learning from what the situation IS more valuable than changing it. Imagine if you dated someone with the expectation that they were Mr./ Mrs Right and realize thats not the case, how powerful would you feel if you took that situation and learned from that. consciously taking those lessons to the next time? How much more confident would you feel next time?

What if you found peace with knowing that at this moment in time your job is to gather pieces of the puzzle? Pieces of wisdom.

universe of lights.jpg

Be Silent, be Still. You will be surprised what will be revealed

The trick is shutting down the excess noise and unnecessary information.

How do we filter the information? Why do we keep still and indulge in learning from the moments in life.

If you make it your conscious job to listen, to be still with your thoughts, you will find that stillness show you the messages that are inside of you and reveals a path to where you want to be

Be brave enough to trust the process of life!

let keep growing

xoxo N