My mind created obstacles for good reasons!

I was reminded of an incredible quote this past week. 

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we use to create them" Albert Einstein


I have to say this resonated so deeply with me, as I was challenged by my own mental blocks.

Why was I not able to see past "the" situation I was encountering? why was I feeling stuck? but also, where exactly was I stuck on? and WHAT was holding me back? so many questions. 

So I did what I know would help me: I coached myself out of the situation and in doing so I was able to see some of "the light".  The problem was in this: my mind created these obstacles for a reason and they are very good reasons and as much as I was  trying to “coach myself” to have a different perspective I was still not where I knew I could be. Why? …So I called my life coach

I know I have declared this before and I shout it out again THANK YOU to MY OWN LIFE COACH!!! yes, I have a life coach. I have invested in my personal growth so much because I know the value of getting out of my head and seeing life as IT IS, not as it is happening to me!

You see even though I am trained to coach myself out of a situation I only know what I know and can only work with what I know I KNOW, you know what I mean?

My life coach was the one who challenges me to look beyond myself, to see what I cannot see and to grasp at the possibility that is unrecognizable to my own pattern of thinking. 

We all have a set of habits, rules, sayings, patterns that we have made up in order to navigate our lives.  The thing about these habits is that they make sense to us, this is why we created them.   

However, one thing we tend to forget is that old habits or patterns are made up of beliefs that can be limiting, assumptions about situations and people in the past, and they can come from a place of fear and sadness. BUT they all come from an actual experience in your life, this is why they make perfect sense.

The disconnect comes when we approach a NEW situation with an OLD pattern/Belief (created from an OLD experiences) and expect a NEW and Improved result!

In short, if we want to eat rice we cook rice. The product and results are the same.  However,  we cannot cook plain rice and expect it to taste like a Paella (Spanish rice, and seafood dish seasoned with Saffron yum!!!) This requires more ingredients and a recipe to guide us through.  OH but it's worth the work and the time spent making.

I hope you see my point! Or maybe just look into making a Paella and let me know how it turns out! If we realize that the plain rice is no longer satisfying us we need a new recipe.

Why would we need a new recipe or habits in our lives. 2 main reason:

One, we come to the realization that the habits or pattern we currently have DON'T make sense as much, or simply put , we DON’t want them anymore! and,

Secondly, we want to change something in our lives. We long for something to be different and so plain rice is no longer appetizing and we want to try something new!

The reality is simple: If we want to continue getting the same result we should continue to do what we are doing now! BUT, If you want something different and long for a change, 

A change needs to be made. 

Change is beautiful when you decide you are worth the growth. Remember you only know what you know and investing in personal development is deciding you are worth more!

yours in success,

Nadia Tenorio CPC, ELI-MP