Kristy V.C -Community Coordinator

“Working with Nadia was truly a life changing experience. She was able to not only have me succeed in my job hunt and career change but helped me to conquer my long-standing personal goals. Her advice and guidance left me with an Oprah “Ahha” spiritual moment, like a switch that melted away my stress, my excuses and helped me come up with a new career plan. Not just another life coach, her own experiences combined with her exceedingly personable nature are what makes her an expert in dealing with periods of transition. She is encouraging, trustworthy, flexible and offers excellent perspectives to her clients. I look forward to continue to work with Nadia and would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a change for the better”


Amanda K. Teaching Assistant, U.K

“I began life coaching sessions with Nadia during an incredibly difficult time in my life. Dealing with a possible separation, a move back to another country and exploring new career options it was almost too much to cope with. My main requirement was to find clarity as I felt I was confused about everything. She helped me to organize my thoughts, break down issues and set weekly goals. I looked forward to every session with Nadia, she has such an upbeat manner and is exceptionally positive. I always left feeling happier and ready to take on challenges that I knew I had to face. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make. I cannot thank Nadia enough”

thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Nadia! She is immensely genuine, which made it super easy to connect and establish an honest and valuable coaching partnership. And her intuition is like a super power - she could pick up on what I was feeling and what was not being said. She was game for all I threw at her. From parenting struggles to unearthing some deep beliefs that weren’t serving me, no topic was off limits. She provided the space for me to vent when I needed it, and more importantly, offered unbiased and valuable feedback that helped me see things from a fresh perspective. For those looking for life coach, I highly recommend Nadia. You will not be disappointed!
— TIna -CEO, Entrepreneur