I am a life and Strategist coach

I work with entrepreneurs to create effective strategies in forms of habits to get what they want. I help them gain confidence, clarity and intention to create a powerful and purposeful balanced life!

What can coaching help with ? 

  • Tap into inner strengths and discover your potentials as a leader

  • Gain clarity to choose a winning team and lead your current one to success

  • Find the confidence to communicate effectively in the life, relationship and at work

  • Reignite the Passion in life and have a happy work/life balance

  • Gain awareness of blocks and fear and learn to confront them by making conscious decisions

  • Learn to coach the solutions out of any situation

The meaning of life is to find your gift,
the Purpose of life is to give it away
— Pablo Picasso


About me

I am a CPC, ELI-MP life coach, and I work with people who are passionate about personal growth.I have 30+ years experience in the performing art, teaching, directing and acting. My home is the stage! Being a life and Communications coach has given me the satisfaction of joining my two fortes in life together.

Some of us are born knowing exactly what we are meant to do in life, others are so good at many things its hard to pinpoint what we want to do. So where do we go? what does it take?

Reinventing ourselves takes courage! And it does not have to be done alone!

I discovered an unwavering passion for helping people in all levels of life and relationships. The most important relationship being the one we have with ourselves.

How we show up in one area is indicative of how we show up in every area of our lives

I am excited to bring my breadth of professional and life experiences and to collaborate in this journey with you to help you reach your fullest potential!