How do we begin to find our true passion!

Many of us are wanderers in life, we wander from school to school, job to job or relationship to relationship never actually knowing where we are going or what life is really all about.

We may feel lost, stuck or just numb by the mundane activities of life…

All the while that restlessness pulls at us and whispers in our ears sweet dreams of a happier life, of feeling satisfaction in our everyday hustle. And the questions begin to pour in, “What Am I supposed to do in life?”, “ There has to be something more than this?” sometimes the questions flood our lives and feels like an emotional inundation. The longing for some meaning, a deeper existence or just some peace appears!

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“Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakens" - Carl Jung

Here is the thing. We all experience this inquisition at one time or another. How can we not? To believe that all there is to life is to get up and go to work, work-out and feel tired from social and professional stress, make time to procreate (if desired) its like a wash, rinse repeat cycle right? and if this is all there is, how can we be motivated and inspired to find out what makes us great?

How do we Know what we want? Its easy!

Just kidding! its not! well it can be. Lets say the questioning of our existence and the urge to want more is a good start. However, this is where most of us get stuck. And yes, Its completely NORMAL! we all do it. We can remain in this state for a long time, if we continue to swipe away the questioning and whispers, that is. The sense of restlessness comes from our inner voice talking to us. Its almost as if our soul is testing out how much “air time” you are wiling to provide. And the more you tune into the “talk” the more questions you will find.

How do we give our soul more air time?

When we start asking the right questions we begin a conversation that leads to possibilities. This requires a decluttering of information from the brain. Exploring and organization of files we have in our brains. When we take the files that make us feel good or simply classifying them as once that have had a positive impact on our lives we feel a sense of connection to what we did and a sense of accomplishment. Why is that? when we feel happiness its like we make a connection to the soul!

How to connect to our Passion

When we have a genuine connection through a service we provided, a skill we shared or a situation that lifted us, we experience a feeling of alignment with who we.Thus connection ours Soul and brain with life. We get a sense of who we truly are because we feel as if that experience had meaning and PURPOSE. We see love and passion manifest itself thorough us with purpose. And gain insight to be able to create that feeling over and over again in our lives. How can you do it?

You can do it. You were born to do it

You have in you the years of experience that give you the knowledge to organize, declutter and begin to uncover the passion and purpose in life. The important thing is to continue to explore and gain the confidence you need to manifest it all! As I always say, this is not a sprint but a marathon!

with love,