Start making meaningful decision in life!

Now a days there are so many distractions and finding a quiet time to focus on what you want can be challenging. So many things pulling you in every direction with social media, so much noise pollution that can therefore feel overwhelming. The constant distractions and busyness of life have left many of us feeling like we cannot escape the noise. And when we do turn our phones off and the t.v and our electronics, we fail miserably at staying still.

The quiet can be scary and intimidating because we are left to deal with our thoughts. But soon we hear the “ding” from our phones and the quiet is over! The notifications that come in are serious contenders for our attention, even when you are in the middle of a conversation. So this has me wondering…

How can one even decide what to focus on when there is no thinking time?

How can we make clear and effective decisions about life when we are constantly bombarded with distractions?

How can we find the peace and calmness we need to figure things out?

Well, here is what has helped me and hope it helps you:

  1. Prioritize: Make a list of the thing that make you happy! OH and use a pen and paper…Yes be antiquated and old fashioned. The only requirement here is that “it makes YOU happy” so things like skating, riding a pony, reading a book even talking to a unicorn are acceptable- no judgment, be real this list is for your eyes only.

  2. Explore each item on the list. Don’t make any judgment on what they are, don’t worry about what so-and-so will think, and freak out about weather or not it will actually work. Trust your instinct here and explore!

  3. Rate each item from 0 to 10. 0 representing NO joy and 10 being that which brings you the most joy!

  4. Short-list: now that each item has a number and it has some quantifiable significance, pick 1 or 3 things at the most, that have high ratings…so Pick your 10s, 9s or 8s.

  5. Clarify: So take each item on your short list and use it in a sentence.

    I want to ( insert the decision you made) When I think of myself (doing the decision made) it inspires me to ( blank) and this is what I love about me.

    So here : I want to SKATE, when I think of myself SKATING it inspires me to FEEL THE FREEDOM I CRAVE and this is what I love about me.

  6. Now ask yourself: How does this statement resonate with me? What values does this decision meet in my life? family, career, self realization?

    Why does this option make me feel JOY!

    Once you know WHY this makes you happy, you can start to explore the idea:

    How likely am I to want to make an action plan and make this happen?

  7. Direction: now that you have shortlisted, and tried it for size in a sentence you may feel the urge to act on it straight away or ponder a bit and let it simmer. Either way congratulate yourself for taking the time to be with your thoughts.

    So what then….

    See its okay if you notice hesitation! this is good, this means its important and there is a potential change in the future. The idea is, not feel that you have to conquer the world all at once! Rome was not built in one day, and it took God 7 days to create our world so really no pressure. Stay at it, keep practicing the art of prioritizing and making clear decision. it all takes time to figure out so take YOUR time.

    You have one life to live, make it what you want and bring tools into your life that will better your situation and help you achieve your goals.

    let’s keep growing!


    Life Coach